Intorduction to law

        There were arguments between the schools of jurisprudence about the origin of law that goes as follows (p.12)…

  1. The natural law school: this school postulate that the law is based on what is correct, and what is recognized by man through the use of reason and choosing between good and evil.
  2. The Historical school: law is aggregate of social traditions customs that have developed over the centuries.
  3. The sociological school: law was found through the urgent need to achieve and advance certain sociological goals.


        When a third party claims an interest upon the lawsuit he could join the lawsuit and that process called intervention, and if several plaintiffs have filed separate lawsuits stemming from the same factual situation against the same defendant the court can consolidate the cases into one case.

        Statute of limitation: is a designated time limit that the plaintiff must practice his lawsuit upon it, or else he can't do that after.

        There a different between arbitration and meditation, though the arbitrator and the mediator are impartial third party but they practice different rules… as the arbitrator verdict is compulsory while the mediator opinion is advisory.

        A crime could be defined as: any act done by individual in violation of those duties that he or she owes to society and for the breach of which the law provides that the wrongdoer shall make amends to the public.

        At the USA there are different penal codes concerning every single state that clear the acts considered crimes and the punishments that follow the act. And there is a comprehensive federal law that defines and governs the acts considered crimes through all the states.

        The classification of crimes at the USA alike their classification at Egypt… they are devided into…

  1. Felony: serious crimes that could lead to the great punishment or the long term imprisonment.
  2. Misdemeanors: less serious crimes such as burglary and robbery, the punishment of these crimes mostly will be felony and imprisonment that does not exceed one year.
  3. Violation: this will be crimes such as traffic violations and jaywalking, and usually the punish of these crimes are fine.


        Robbery usually goes for the crimes concerning taking someone else's property by the use of force, while burglary is perpetrated by breaking and entering a dwelling at night, but some states at USA would call those sets of crimes theft.


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