How to drive your women wild in bed

Few points that should be followed to please your woman in bed...

1- Kissing: women like kissing more than anything and that should not be just on the lips... that should be on the breast the neck the stomach and everywhere.

2- Talking: a few women only like the silent pattern man, but most of them likes the talkative pattern, so you can whisper love words while you are making love.

3- Caressing: and that does not go for essential organs only, but you can do the caressing upon all the other parts like hair face neck.

4- For playing: women rapture are built up much slower than men, that is why for playing is very important for women, so that the for playing will make the two partners start from the same excitement level when it's time to intercourse.

5- Climax: women knows these days that they can reach climax and they want it as a part of their rights, so suit your self... but please do not ejaculate before your women get her climax.

6- Oral sex: Many women expressed an interest in stimulating their sexual organs with the lips and tongues of their lovers.

7- Good solid f**king: and that can be achieved by maintaining a steady rhythm which goes faster to build the rupture and that will leads to climax, and take care of changing positions too soon, for the built rapture maybe lost, many women needs to concentrate more to get her climax.

8- After play: after you finish the sexual process do not take out your thrust until a while, and you can hold your women in your arms for some time, if you sleep straight after the ejaculation your women will be depressed and unsatisfied even though if the main process where fine.


        Please take care that women are aroused from completely different things than men, their satisfaction in bed may depend on many other things such as a phone from work asking about her, or a love message, a bunch of flowers, and if you help her with the home chores that will help with her satisfaction in bed.



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