the pilgrimage



The pilgrimage


          The book is about a spiritual journey that was taken by the author with the guidance of a master "PETRUS", the journey was taken in the sake to find the author's sword (that was taken from him as he was arrogant). It happend that the author met the devil disguised at the very beginning of the pilgrimage and ask him if the sword is what he wants he can get it to him with no effort. But the author fortunately understood that it wasn't the sword that he really wants… it's the road and the outcome of the journey.

        Throughout pilgrimage he learnt some exercises that helped him to get a better understanding of life and universe. Such as the seed exercise, breathing exercise, the blue sphere exercise "love exercise" and death exercise.

        There were various philosophical inputs the one can find within the novel. from that the concept of the good fight, and that when PETRUS was telling the author that the best fights are those fought when we were children, and the reason for that is we were fighting out of our dreams, sadly when we grew up we stick to the fights but without our dreams, we still do the fight but we fight without passion. The good fight must be out of dreams and passion. As for myself I've been through plenty of good fights that I will remember till the day I die. There was interesting exercise concerning death, that exercise is done to convert death from an eternal enemy into a good friend, the exercise aim to experience death and not to be afraid of it anymore, and that is how it will convert to be your best friend ever, you will realize that death is the thing that motivates you to do all the best in life. It motivate you to succeed, to have children, to protect your legacy, to do something that will honor your memory, from another side it will encourage you to do what you want to do in life without shame nor delay, for life is shorter than you may imagine. And you will realize all of that with the help of your best friend "death".

        One of the best books I've read, affected me positively somehow, I really like it.



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