Papa heminngway

  Papa Hemingway


Bantam edition

4th edition 

    I thought the author will analyze Hemingway personality and why he did commit suicide when he was not suffering anything at all. Instead he was reciting his life normally, without any deep analyzing.

        Hemingway was born at Illinois USA, he wanted to join the army but he didn't succeed for a defect within his eyesight, so he joined the ICRC as a driver and this job give him the opportunity to share within the world war in which he was inflicted by mortar, and he was treated from this infliction for a long period of his life. He was married three times, his last wife was named Mary, and Mary was the one who survived his suicide. Hemingway likes adventure and hunting too much… that he got many trophies and souvenirs representing his adventure

        The author of this book was assigned to make Hemingway write an article concerning the future of literature, but Hemingway answers him that "who the hell knows the future of anything", but finally he agreed upon taking the assignment when he know that he will get 15,000 dollars from it.

        About his last days when he was 71, the author said that Hemingway worried about his weight because he was so thin due to the strict diet he was following, and he failed to write any more. The author described Hemingway last call that it was succinct and businesslike, during his last days he was not suffering from anything serious but depression... and was having treatment sessions with electricity, one day he tried to commit suicide by a gun running from the doctors and his wife bolting the door after him, but he failed for the pistol wasn't loaded, and they catch him while loading it.  but after a while Hemingway showed a prominent signs of improvement, the thing that lead his doctors to say that he can go home as a reward of his improvement.

        After 3 days of Hemingway's normal practices he committed suicide with his gun, but Mary his wife announced that he was dead by a bullet that strayed from his pistol while he was cleaning it hiding the truth about his suicide.





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