Book: inferno

Author: Dan Brown

Year of publishing: 2015

Publisher: CORGI BOOKS

Robert Langdon returns, but this time he wakes up to find himself in a hospital in florence, italy,  with a bullet in the head. Unfortunately, he could niether remember what happened to him, what led him to his suffering nor does he remembers why he is in Italy, though he does remember the nightmare where he finds him self in hell, and there he mets a woman, a savior, who tells him just one thing: "seek and you will find". soon he meets sienna the doctor resonsible for his case, she explains to him that he suffer from retrogated amnesia, a short term memory loss, and that he would not remember anything that happened to him lately, but long term memories are unaffected. 


A while later, a woman attacked the hospital and managed to kill a male doctor  in langdon room, she came for langdon but sienna intervenes at the last moment saving langdon and they managed a escape. langdon took shelter in sienna's home, she helped him check his mail and contact the american embassy in italy. given what he's been through, langdon was a bit suspicious, he gives the address of the motel right across form sienna's home , so that he could easely observe what would happen from her window.

After a while, they saw the same female assassin from back at the hospital, on a motorbike heading for the motel with a gun in her hand, so they assume that she was sent by the embassy to kill him. Langdon realized that no one can be trusted now but sienna.

 while sienna was in the bathroom, he checked some of her magazines and found some news snippets that she collected about herself. From what he gathered, it looks like sienna was an extraordinary scientific genius.

        Mainwhile sienna was crying on the bathroom, she removed a wig to reveal a completely shaved head, she was suffering from her early superiority, to her, those abilities were ominous. Her colleagues did not accept her abilities and after some time those abilities caused her alopecia.

        When sienna was out of the bathroom, they found a small projector on Langdon jacket when they operate it they found a painting depicted Dante’s inferno by Botticelli, it was a little bit different from the origin, Langdon started to use his famous talent to resolve the symbols within the painting.

        When Robert Langdon used his E-mail from sienna’s laptop they were easily tracked and forces soon was trying to attack them at sienna’s residence. Langdon and sienna then escaped to try to solve the puzzle of the painting and the situation they are facing.

Soon we would realize the existence of a consortium with a provost that was doing special missions for those who pays. Nevertheless, the provost was not fully confident about his last client who gives him a sum of money for a special mission, the mission was about publishing a specific video  on a day that was designated by the client himself.


        The policy of the consortium was not to intervene with the target or the continent of the mission, but this time the assistance of the provost opened the video for a quick view and he saw something that frightened him. The assistant asked the provost to come to see the video, at the beginning he was not happy by the breach that his assistant commit, but when he watched the video he decided  to get out of the line and breach the agreement and report the incident to the WHO (world health organization) that he were protecting his client from their interference since too long.

       The video were showing water trickling from a cave and a kind of a soluble bag that spread a plague. Soon someone was wearing the death mask assuring that the world will not be the same from that day on.

      The savior woman Langdon was dreaming of was real, she was Elizabeth stanco the director of WHO and she was under custody with Constance forces.

earlier Elizabeth was recruited to meet a powerful man (Bertrand Zorbist) a trunshumanist and genius scientist  who believes that all the WHO were in vain, the WHO was caring about minor  health problem leaving the main issue without handling, and that main issue was population explosion, there will be no good at anything unless this problem is solved.

Zorbist wants to take drastic measures to solve the population problem by spreading a plague and that was something Elizabeth could not accept, and so the challenge was set between them.

After Langdon and sienna narrow escape, the military forces was able to seize him without sienna who escaped again. at the same moment Langdon realized that what they were searching for was not in Italy it was at some other country (turkey). After the arrest Langdon was confronted with Elizabeth the provost and Buret (the head of the anti plague unit that were chasing Langdon). The 3 of them told Langdon that they were at the same side trying to stop the plague and sienna were the one that were deceiving him.


The provost told Langdon that sienna were the lover and disciple of his client Zorbist, and later Zorbist payed the consortium to keep her away from him when he took the decision to disappear from the society before he commit suicide. The three of them told Langdon about their doubts that sienna was beside Langdon to keep an eye upon him to activate the plague from the soluble bags before Langdon could stop it.

The united team of Elizabeth Langdon the provost and Buret traveled to Istanbul to recover the tomb of ENRICO DANDOLO, which they believed the soluble bags would be at it. The designated tomb was under Hagia Sophia mosque (now a museum) upon a cistern under it. Though they could not stop the plague.


Langdon saw sienna and chased her without been able to cactch, for his surprise she returned to him to explain why she acted this way. Sienna explained that she really was the lover and disciple of Zorbist but when she knew about his plan she did not accept it and tried to stop him that is why he escaped from her and from the whole world until he was able to complete his plan.


Sienna told Langdon that the thing Zorbist was trying to activate was a virus that interfere with the DNA and cause sterility to third of the population, that was Zorbist plan to reduce the word population without mass killing nor making anyone morn upon a beloved one. And when sienna was asked about the reason why she was running away from WHO though both of them were trying to achieve the same goal, she told him that she doesn’t want the formula of the virus to be known by officials, as they will use it as a weapon.


Soon Langdon was able to make Elizabeth accept sienna to cooperate with her to fight against the newly spread virus, as for the provost he was arrested by the Turkish authority and Langdon returned for his previous life.




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