gender base violence

        on many language the word gender does not exist, such as the local language at finland. and though gender does refer to the economic social, culture, attributes, sex is about biological characteristics of boys girls, and its unchanging unlike the gender which relate normal to social bases.

        though the gender awareness is much at the west and among western people, they got the biggest persantage of domestic violence. actually the reason is the exceed use of alcohol.

        when you go to a mission area we got to know that the women population will be more than men, for they might be dead during war or they are still fighting. when you reach the mission you got to have a wide view over the situation to get the whole picture, and thats why we should be aware of all the population and how we are going to protect them, for every single category will have a certain needs to be full-filed to fulfill their protection.

we got to remember always that the women maybe subject of DDR for maybe they are involved in war, and when we ignore that we deprive them from the fresh new start.

        In x Yugoslavia men and boys were raped but they don't receive the appropriate aid for they feel shame of reporting the incidents and for they don't got specialized institute to receive their claims.

        during the food distribution upon the earthquake at pakistan the strong only is the one that can acquire the food. and with tsunami... the female victims were 3 times more than the males, and thats was referred to their lake of experience and skills, the thing that can be addressed as gender issue.


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