Successful presentaion skills

        There are several important points concerning achieving a good presentation, and that can be summed on the following points…


  1. You got to know perfectly what you are going to talk about.
  2. Talk out of passion whenever you can… for that will reach your audience and will leave a perfect effect.
  3. Be aware that people are 55% affected by what they see (body language), and the vocal interest will be 38%, while the verbal interest will be 7% only.
  4. The types of humans concerning the way they memories things (PTS) for some people memories things visually and some with hearing words and some by delivering some feelings, and its important for you to know that most of the people depend on the visual effects to memories things, and that is why you want to use PPT.
  5. If you ever found hindrance achieving a good presentation, search for a friendly face (someone you know he is interested) and talk to him for a while and when you get the confidence move to the other faces.
  6. When you lecture people it is important to achieve eye contact with every one of them, and since that will divert you from the lecture some time, you can use the AURA effect to look at many attendance at the same time, and that can be done by looking at someone who is sitting at the back, for all in front of him will think that you are looking at them.
  7. Always read the body language of the attendance to know their reaction towards what you are saying.
  8. The absorbents of the information will be the most at the beginning of the lecture and on its end. And that is why we should care about them the most.
  9. Mind mapping is very important for you before entering the lecture, and you can have a piece of paper with you will giving the lecture with the spider diagram since only few people can do the lecture without notes.
  10. One of the lecturers likes to start his lecture writing those 4 notes on the board…
  • Make mistakes: for no one of us is perfect.
  • Ask dumb questions: don’t be ashamed to ask, for the question is the real key for knowledge.
  • Cheat: information does not belong to someone, so feel free to acquire them from your colleague.
  • Have fun: please take this course as a funny business and enjoy knowing better.
  1. Three advices you must have when answering questions after your presentation…
  • Listen fully: for that will give you a good chance to understand an think.
  • Repeat the question: To gain extra time.
  • At the end of your answer… look at the asker and hope that your answer was enough.
  1. When asked a repeated question better answer it again briefly.
  2. There are certain types of question askers???
  • Heckle asker: that one does not want to really ask but he wants to disturb you, and for that kind of questioner you should not repeat his question and you ask him to identify himself to break the concentration of the audience and give yourself more time to think.
  • Early bird: that one will ask a question about topic you will get to it later, and for that you should inform him that you are going to write his question down to answer it when the time comes.
  • Happy wanderer: that one would take the opportunity of asking the question to give a speech about something not concerning the topic discussed, and for that one you should politely inform him that "we have a limited time".


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